Dr. Jon Petrick Shares Personal Journey as a Father and Commitment to Community

LAS VEGAS, NV - January 17, 2024 – Dr. Jon Petrick, Republican candidate for Assembly District 21, held an intimate press conference today, offering a heartfelt reflection on the profound experience of fatherhood. Dr. Petrick, known for his dedication to public service, expressed his understanding of the hopes, dreams, and fears that accompany the ever-changing chapters of life.

Dr. Jon Petrick's Address Highlights:

Personal Reflection on Fatherhood:

- Dr. Petrick began by thanking everyone for being present and conveyed his honor to speak not as a candidate but as a father. He shared the bittersweet moment of his teenage daughter Gianna's imminent departure to an out-of-state college.

Emotional Journey:

- The candidate described the emotions of excitement, pride, and a hint of trepidation that come with this significant life transition. Dr. Petrick acknowledged the exhilaration of his daughter spreading her wings while expressing the anxieties any parent feels for their child in the current world.

Parallel to Political Aspirations:

- Dr. Petrick drew parallels between his personal experience as a father and his dedication to the community. He likened life to a series of chapters, each offering new opportunities and challenges, mirroring the chapters in a political campaign.

New Chapter of Progress, Compassion, and Unity:

- Expressing readiness for a new chapter in his political journey, Dr. Petrick committed to ushering in progress, compassion, and unity for the community. He emphasized that his political aspirations are intertwined with the collective aspirations of the community.

Shared Hopes for a Thriving Community:

- Dr. Petrick articulated the shared hopes for a safe, thriving, and supportive environment for families and children. His dedication to public service stems from a genuine understanding of the importance of creating such a community.

Heartfelt Pledge to Public Service:

- The candidate assured that his commitment to public service is not just a political promise but a heartfelt pledge rooted in the experiences of a father dedicated to ensuring a brighter future for all.

Responsibility to Shape the World:

- Reflecting on his daughter's next phase of life, Dr. Petrick highlighted the responsibility shared by all to shape a world where every child can thrive, learn, and grow.

Campaign Spirit: Positivity, Productivity, and American Greatness:

- Dr. Petrick concluded by leaving the audience with the three pillars embodying the spirit of his campaign: Positivity, Productivity, and the building of American greatness. He urged voters to choose a better way for themselves, their children, and the state by voting for Dr. Jon Petrick for Assembly District 21.

Closing Words:

Dr. Petrick expressed gratitude for the trust placed in him and closed with a familiar refrain: "I WILL ALWAYS PUT YOU AND NEVADA FIRST." He invoked blessings upon the audience, Nevada, the United States of America, and all the skilled laborers of the country.

Get Involved: Town Hall Meeting

To learn more about Dr. Jon Petrick 's perspectives and engage in a dialogue, the community is invited to a Town Hall Meeting on March 12th at . Attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions and gain insights into the candidate's vision for Nevada.

About Dr. Jon Petrick:

Dr. Jon Petrick is a distinguished Republican candidate for Assembly District 21, recognized for his commitment to public service and dedication to creating a thriving community for families. His campaign focuses on the values of Positivity, Productivity, and the building of American greatness.

For Media Inquiries:

Campaign Information
Dr. Petrick’s email:

Campaign Phone Number: (702) 300-8008
Campaign Manager: Raymond Serano (702) 755-2438
Campaign Consulting: AXIOM

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