Who is Dr. Jon Petrick?

As a CEO and Clinical Director of Las Vegas Pain Relief Centers, Integrated Pain Relief, and EverReady Health, Dr. Jon S. Petrick brings a wealth of experience in the healthcare industry to his campaign. With a proven track record of providing exceptional care and relieving pain for his patients, Dr. Petrick is a compassionate leader who is dedicated to serving his community.

Dr. Petrick's commitment to public service extends beyond his work as a healthcare professional. He has served on numerous boards, including Opportunity Village, an organization that provides work opportunities for individuals with mental disabilities. Additionally, he is the founder of Keep It Simple-Make It Fun (, a recreational and leisure program designed for individuals with cognitive and physical disabilities.

As a father, friend, and active community member, Dr. Petrick is known for his consistency and unwavering beliefs. He is always looking for ways to improve, learn, and listen so that he can make a positive impact in everything he does. With his extensive experience in the healthcare industry and dedication to public service, Dr. Petrick is the ideal candidate to represent and serve his community.

How Dr. Jon Petrick Gives Back

Dr. Jon Petrick is a dedicated and prominent figure in Nevada Assembly District 21. As a chiropractor with extensive experience and a passion for community engagement, Dr. Petrick has made a significant impact on the lives of those in his district. Here are some ways in which Dr. Jon Petrick gives back to his community:

Providing affordable chiropractic care: By keeping his fees reasonable and providing flexible payment plans, he ensures that everyone can access the health benefits of chiropractic treatment.

Educational workshops and seminars: Dr. Petrick regularly hosts workshops and seminars for the community, covering topics such as proper posture, spinal health, and pain management. These events not only promote better health and wellbeing but also help to foster a sense of community and shared knowledge.

Supporting local schools and sports teams: Dr. Petrick is an advocate for the importance of physical activity and exercise for overall health. He provides complimentary consultations and treatments to local schools and sports teams, helping athletes of all ages to perform at their best and prevent injuries.

Charitable contributions and fundraising: Dr. Petrick is actively involved in supporting local charities and nonprofit organizations. He frequently organizes and participates in fundraising events, such as charity walks, runs, and golf tournaments. The proceeds from these events are donated to various causes within the community.

Volunteering and mentorship: Dr. Petrick often dedicates his time to volunteering, whether it's through providing free chiropractic services to those in need or mentoring aspiring chiropractors. His commitment to volunteerism showcases his desire to make a lasting impact on his community.

Advocating for public health initiatives: Dr. Petrick utilizes his expertise and influence to advocate for public health initiatives at the state and local levels. By promoting policies that prioritize healthcare access and overall wellbeing, he plays a vital role in shaping a healthier community.

Overall, Dr. Jon Petrick's dedication to giving back to his community in Nevada Assembly District 21 is evident through his efforts to provide affordable chiropractic care, educate the public, support local organizations, and advocate for public health initiatives. His work has undoubtedly had a positive impact on the lives of countless individuals within the district.
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