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As a CEO and Clinical Director of Las Vegas Pain Relief Centers, Integrated Pain Relief, and EverReady Health, Dr. Jon Petrick brings a wealth of experience in the healthcare industry to his campaign. With a proven track record of providing exceptional care and relieving pain for his patients, Dr. Petrick is a compassionate leader who is dedicated to serving his community.

Dr. Petrick's commitment to public service extends beyond his work as a healthcare professional. He has served on numerous boards, including Opportunity Village, an organization that provides work opportunities for individuals with mental disabilities. Additionally, he is the founder of Keep It Simple-Make It Fun (KISMIF), a recreational and leisure program designed for individuals with cognitive and physical disabilities.

As a father, friend, and active community member, Dr. Petrick is known for his consistency and unwavering beliefs. He is always looking for ways to improve, learn, and listen so that he can make a positive impact in everything he does. With his extensive experience in the healthcare industry and dedication to public service, Dr. Petrick is the ideal candidate to represent and serve his community.

Election Day is November 5, 2024

Election Day is November 5, 2024


It is time for us to put Nevada First.

If we follow these 10 common-sense ideas, Nevada will be a better place for everyone.


Join a local bank or credit union - local banks support local projects, keep our money circulating in our community.


Buy your meat and produce from local farmers and ranchers. Big tech, big pharma and even foreign countries are pushing our farmers and ranchers out.
They’re poisoning our food, contaminating our water, polluting our air, altering our weather, and even burning our islands, so support local farmers and ranchers. 


This is our state and our home, so “let’s clean it up Nevada”. The trash in our city is out of control. I say, let’s worry less about windmills and solar fields instead, how about we just get people to throw trash in the trash cans. I suggest we even rehabilitate our states non-violent criminal offenders and beautify our communities in the process. 


Donate to local non-profits, let’s keep our money helping the people in our own communities, and we can watch all the good that’s happening right before our eyes.


Defend our neighborhoods and communities, it all starts by defending our local police, and supporting our local firefighters, ambulance drivers, correction officers, dispatch, border patrol, and all of the other wonderful men and women working to make our community safer.


Establish neighborhood watch programs and work with local law enforcement to keep the peace, it’s our duty and responsibility to protect each other.


See something, say something. Be loud, be kind, be generous, but never ever accept a lie, that YOU know to be a lie, that’s how we got here in the first place.


We need Fair-Like-Minded-Leaders in our local and state governments; state legislators and senators, school boards, regents, even dog catchers.
Leave the federal circus alone, WASHINGTON DC IS BROKEN, we all know it, so get involved in local politics.


Spend your money in Local-Small-Businesses, they NEED it, big corporations don’t care about you, they just care about your money. 80% of our communities depend on these small businesses, and most of them are family owned. So, if you want to help our community, spend your money in a small-family-owned business, because there the rich tapestry that makes our country so amazing.


If you want a better way for you, your children, and our state, then vote for Dr. Jon Petrick for Assembly District 21, if you do I promise you, I WILL ALWAYS PUT YOU AND NEVADA FIRST.
Together we can Make America Great Again

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