Frequently Asked Questions

Ensuring that all members of my district have access to quality education, regardless of their socioeconomic status, is one of my top priorities as your Assembly representative. I believe that every child deserves the opportunity to succeed and reach their full potential. To achieve this, I will focus on the following key initiatives:
  1. Equitable school funding: I will advocate for a fair and transparent school funding formula that ensures resources are allocated equitably to schools within our district, taking into account the specific needs of students from low-income families, English language learners, and those with special needs. This approach will help to bridge the resource gap and provide every student with the support they need to succeed.
  2. Support for early childhood education: Research has shown that early childhood education plays a critical role in preparing children for academic success. I will work to expand access to high-quality preschool and early learning programs, particularly for low-income families, so that every child has a strong foundation for their education.
  3. School choice and innovation: I believe that parents should have the freedom to choose the best educational option for their children. I will support policies that expand school choice, such as charter schools, magnet schools, and voucher programs, to give families from all socioeconomic backgrounds access to a diverse range of quality educational opportunities.
  4. Strengthening public schools: I will work to improve our public schools by advocating for policies that encourage innovation, reward effective teaching, and provide targeted support to underperforming schools. This includes investing in professional development for educators, reducing class sizes, and promoting the use of data-driven instructional strategies.
  5. Community partnerships: I will collaborate with community organizations, businesses, and higher education institutions to create partnerships that support our schools and provide students with valuable resources and opportunities. This could include mentorship programs, internships, and college-preparatory initiatives that help bridge the gap between education and employment.
  6. Expanding access to technology: I will work to ensure that all students have access to the technology and digital resources they need to succeed in the modern world. This includes advocating for investments in broadband infrastructure, digital literacy programs, and affordable devices for students from low-income families.
  7. Parental involvement: Engaged parents are crucial to a child's educational success. I will support initiatives that empower parents to take an active role in their children's education, such as parent-teacher conferences, workshops, and resources that help parents navigate the educational system and advocate for their children's needs.
By focusing on these initiatives, I am committed to ensuring that all members of our district have access to quality education, regardless of their socioeconomic status. Together, we can create a brighter future for our children and our community.

As a Republican Assembly candidate in a predominantly Hispanic district, I am deeply committed to representing and serving the unique needs of our vibrant and diverse community. I understand the importance of staying connected to my constituents, as their concerns and aspirations will guide my policy decisions.

First and foremost, I will work to create economic opportunities for all members of our community. This includes advocating for small business growth, job training programs, and educational initiatives that are tailored to the needs of our district. By fostering an environment where everyone has the chance to succeed, we can improve the quality of life for all our constituents.

Education is a top priority, and I will fight to ensure that our schools receive the resources they need to provide a high-quality education to every child. I will support policies that empower parents with choices and local control, so they can make the best decisions for their children's education.

I recognize the importance of affordable and accessible healthcare, and I will work tirelessly to develop market-based solutions that promote competition, lower costs, and improve access to quality care for everyone in our district.

In terms of immigration, I am committed to finding a fair and compassionate approach that respects the rule of law while acknowledging the contributions of hardworking immigrants to our community. I will advocate for a merit-based immigration system that prioritizes the needs of our economy and the safety of our citizens.

To remain connected with my constituents, I will hold regular town hall meetings, both in-person and virtually, to listen to concerns and provide updates on my work in the Assembly. I will also maintain an active presence on social media and establish an accessible and responsive district office, where constituents can reach out to me and my team for assistance with local issues or to share their thoughts on legislation.

Additionally, I will collaborate with local community organizations, leaders, and advocacy groups to ensure that I am aware of the unique issues facing our Hispanic community, and to work together in addressing them.

In conclusion, as your Republican Assembly representative, I will be a tireless advocate for the needs and aspirations of our predominantly Hispanic district. I am committed to staying connected with my constituents, and I will work diligently to ensure that our community thrives and prospers.

As your Assembly representative, I firmly believe that working together in a bipartisan manner is essential for achieving progress and addressing the needs of our constituents. While we may have differing opinions and approaches, we all share the common goal of improving the lives of the people we represent. Here are some ways I plan to work with members of the opposite party to pass legislation and move our country forward:

  1. Open communication: I will maintain open lines of communication with my colleagues across the aisle, regularly engaging in conversations to better understand their perspectives and find common ground. This includes attending bipartisan events and informal gatherings to foster relationships that will be beneficial in the legislative process.
  2. Co-sponsorship of legislation: Whenever possible, I will seek opportunities to co-sponsor legislation with members of the opposite party. By working together on shared goals, we can demonstrate our commitment to bipartisan cooperation and achieve meaningful progress.
  3. Focus on shared values and goals: I will emphasize the values and goals we share with the opposing party, such as economic growth, job creation, education, and public safety. By concentrating on the issues that unite us, we can find areas of agreement and work collaboratively on solutions.
  4. Active listening and respectful dialogue: To bridge the divide between parties, I will practice active listening and engage in respectful dialogue, even when we disagree. By showing genuine interest in understanding my colleagues' viewpoints and acknowledging their concerns, we can work toward finding mutually beneficial solutions.
  5. Prioritize compromise and collaboration: I recognize that compromise is an essential part of the legislative process. I will be open to negotiating and finding middle ground on important issues, always keeping in mind the best interests of our constituents.
  6. Build bipartisan coalitions: For key pieces of legislation, I will work to build bipartisan coalitions that bring together members of both parties who share a common interest in addressing specific issues. These coalitions can provide a strong foundation for passing legislation and achieving lasting change.
  7. Advocate for regular order: To foster bipartisan cooperation, I will advocate for the regular order of the legislative process, which allows for thorough debate, amendments, and committee consideration. This approach ensures that all voices are heard, and it encourages collaboration and compromise.

In summary, I am committed to working with members of the opposite party to pass legislation and move our country forward. By promoting open communication, collaboration, and compromise, we can overcome partisan divides and achieve meaningful progress for the people we represent.

As a Republican Assembly candidate in Nevada, my top priorities are centered around fostering economic growth, ensuring public safety, and promoting responsible governance. These priorities are essential in building a brighter future for all Nevadans.

Economic Growth: I am committed to creating a robust economy that provides opportunities for everyone. To achieve this, I plan to:

    • Advocate for lower taxes and streamlined regulations to encourage business development and job creation.
    • Support policies that promote a skilled and educated workforce, including investments in vocational training and apprenticeship programs.
    • Foster collaboration between public and private sectors to drive innovation and growth in industries such as renewable energy, technology, and tourism.

Public Safety: The safety of our communities is paramount. To protect our residents and ensure they feel secure, I will:

    • Collaborate with law enforcement agencies to provide them with the necessary resources, training, and support to effectively address crime and maintain public safety.
    • Advocate for evidence-based policies to tackle the root causes of crime, including addressing mental health, addiction, and poverty.
    • Support measures that enhance transparency and accountability within our law enforcement agencies, while fostering trust and collaboration between police and the communities they serve.

Responsible Governance: I believe in efficient, transparent, and accountable government. To achieve this, my initiatives include:

    • Championing fiscal responsibility by advocating for balanced budgets, reduced wasteful spending, and the elimination of redundant or ineffective programs.
    • Promoting transparency by advocating for open access to government data, improved communication between elected officials and constituents, and regular updates on legislative activities.
    • Encouraging civic engagement by actively seeking input from constituents, holding town hall meetings, and using technology to facilitate communication and collaboration.

By focusing on these priorities, I am dedicated to creating a Nevada where all residents can thrive. I look forward to working collaboratively with my fellow legislators, as well as with you, the constituents, to achieve these goals. Your support and participation are critical in shaping our shared future.

My journey into public service began with my dual roles as a doctor and the owner of a medical practice, where I have had the opportunity to care for countless patients, including children with disabilities, and their families. Through my experiences in both medicine and running a business, I have gained a deep understanding of the challenges our community faces, particularly in areas such as healthcare, education, and economic opportunity. It was this desire to create positive change on a larger scale that inspired me to run for public office.

As a doctor and business owner, I have developed skills that are highly transferable to public service, and I believe these experiences will enable me to effectively serve our district's residents as an Assembly member. The skills and experiences I bring to the table include:

Medical expertise: My background as a physician, especially in caring for children with disabilities, has given me insight into the unique challenges they and their families face. I will use this knowledge to advocate for improved healthcare access, better support systems, and educational resources for children with disabilities and their families.

Business acumen: Running a medical practice has provided me with experience in navigating complex regulations, managing budgets, and making difficult decisions. This experience will be invaluable when advocating for policies that promote economic growth and support small businesses in our community.

Problem-solving and critical thinking: As a doctor and business owner, I have learned to analyze complex situations, make informed decisions, and solve problems effectively. These skills will serve me well when addressing legislative issues and developing policy solutions.

Communication and empathy: Effective communication and empathy are essential in both medicine and public service. My experience working with patients, their families, and my staff has honed my ability to listen, understand different perspectives, and collaborate with others to find common ground.

Commitment to service: My dedication to helping others through my medical practice reflects my commitment to public service. I will bring the same passion and work ethic to the Assembly, tirelessly advocating for policies that improve the lives of our community members.

Community engagement: Over the years, I have built strong relationships with community members, healthcare providers, and various organizations. This network will enable me to collaborate effectively with stakeholders and bring diverse perspectives to the table when developing policy solutions.

Inspired by my experiences as a physician and business owner, and driven by my desire to make a positive impact on the lives of children with disabilities and our community as a whole, I am confident that my unique background will enable me to serve our district effectively as an Assembly member.

As a Republican Assembly candidate, I believe in a comprehensive approach to immigration policy that upholds the rule of law, strengthens our national security, and addresses the needs of both our economy and society. My position on immigration policy includes the following key components:

Border Security: Ensuring the security of our borders is essential to maintaining our nation's sovereignty and public safety. I support investing in effective border security measures, such as advanced technology, infrastructure, and personnel, to prevent illegal crossings and deter criminal activities like drug and human trafficking.

Legal Immigration System Reform: Our current legal immigration system is complex and outdated. I advocate for reforms that make the process more efficient, transparent, and merit-based. By streamlining the system, we can attract skilled workers, entrepreneurs, and others who will contribute positively to our economy and society.

DACA Recipients: I recognize the unique situation of DACA recipients, many of whom were brought to the United States as children and have grown up as Americans. I support finding a compassionate, legislative solution that provides legal certainty for these individuals, allowing them to continue contributing to our society without fear of deportation.

Temporary Worker Programs: I believe in expanding and improving temporary worker programs that allow foreign workers to fill labor shortages in industries such as agriculture, construction, and hospitality. By creating legal pathways for workers to enter and exit the country as needed, we can support our economy, discourage illegal immigration, and ensure that American workers are not displaced.

Enforcement and Compliance: Upholding the rule of law is crucial. I support strengthening the enforcement of existing immigration laws, as well as encouraging compliance by implementing mandatory E-Verify for employers. This will help prevent the exploitation of undocumented workers and protect jobs for American citizens.

Addressing the Undocumented Population: We need a practical solution for the millions of undocumented immigrants currently residing in the United States. I advocate for a process that allows law-abiding, tax-paying individuals to earn legal status, while prioritizing the deportation of those with criminal records or who pose a threat to national security.

By taking a comprehensive approach to immigration policy, I am confident that we can create a system that is fair, secure, and beneficial to all Nevadans and Americans.

As a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment, I firmly believe in the right of law-abiding citizens to keep and bear arms. However, I also recognize the importance of addressing gun violence and ensuring public safety. My approach to reducing gun violence focuses on enforcing existing laws, addressing the root causes of violence, and promoting responsible gun ownership, without infringing upon the constitutional rights of citizens.

Enforce existing laws: We must ensure that existing gun laws, such as background checks, are effectively enforced. This includes improving the accuracy and completeness of data in the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) and ensuring that prohibited individuals, such as convicted felons or those with a history of domestic violence, are not able to obtain firearms.

Address mental health: Mental health is a critical factor in gun violence prevention. I will advocate for increased funding and resources for mental health services, early intervention, and crisis response programs. This will help identify and address potential threats before they escalate into violence.

Focus on crime prevention: By targeting the root causes of crime, such as poverty, drug addiction, and gang activity, we can reduce gun violence in our communities. I will support initiatives that provide educational and economic opportunities, as well as community policing and rehabilitation programs for at-risk individuals.

Promote firearm safety and education: Encouraging responsible gun ownership is crucial in reducing accidental injuries and deaths. I will support policies that promote firearm safety training, safe storage practices, and education on the proper use and handling of firearms.

Strengthen school security: Ensuring the safety of our children and educators is paramount. I will work to provide resources for schools to implement effective security measures, such as trained security personnel, controlled access points, and emergency response plans.

By focusing on these measures, I am committed to reducing gun violence while respecting and upholding the 2nd Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens.

I believe that access to affordable, quality healthcare is vital for all Nevadans, and my stance on healthcare reform is centered around promoting a free-market, patient-centered approach. By introducing competition and choice into the healthcare system, we can drive down costs, increase efficiency, and provide better care for all. Here are some key changes I would like to see in the current system:

Encourage competition: By allowing insurers to sell policies across state lines, we can increase competition and provide consumers with more choices. This will help reduce premiums and give people the freedom to select a plan that best suits their individual needs and budget.

Expand Health Savings Accounts (HSAs): HSAs are tax-advantaged accounts that enable individuals to save for qualified medical expenses. By expanding the use of HSAs, we can empower people to make more informed healthcare decisions and promote a consumer-driven healthcare system.

Price transparency: I advocate for legislation requiring healthcare providers and insurers to disclose their prices for services, procedures, and prescription drugs. This increased transparency will enable consumers to make informed decisions about their healthcare and promote competition among providers.

Medical malpractice reform: By implementing reasonable caps on non-economic damages in medical malpractice lawsuits, we can reduce the cost of malpractice insurance for healthcare providers, lower overall healthcare costs, and encourage more medical professionals to practice in Nevada.

Promote preventive care and wellness: Encouraging preventive care and wellness programs can help reduce healthcare costs in the long run by catching health issues early on and promoting healthier lifestyles. By supporting incentives for employers to offer wellness programs and advocating for public health initiatives, we can create a healthier Nevada.

Preserve Medicare and Medicaid: It is crucial to protect the most vulnerable members of our society, including seniors and low-income individuals. I will work to preserve and improve Medicare and Medicaid by eliminating waste, fraud, and abuse, and ensuring that these vital programs remain sustainable for future generations.

By pursuing these conservative, market-driven reforms, I am confident that we can create a healthcare system that provides better access, affordability, and quality for all Nevadans.

I understand the importance of a thriving economy and the need to create jobs for the residents of our district. I propose the following measures to foster economic growth and job creation:

Lower taxes and streamline regulations: By advocating for lower taxes and reducing unnecessary regulations, we can create a business-friendly environment that encourages companies to invest, expand, and hire more workers in our district.

Support small businesses: Small businesses are the backbone of our local economy, and we must provide them with the support they need to thrive. I will work to ensure access to affordable financing, resources, and mentorship programs that help small businesses grow and create jobs.

Workforce development and education: Investing in education and workforce development is crucial for creating a skilled workforce that can compete in the global economy. I will support initiatives that provide vocational training, apprenticeship programs, and partnerships between educational institutions and local industries to prepare our residents for high-demand, well-paying jobs.

Infrastructure investment: Improving and expanding our district's infrastructure, including transportation, broadband, and utilities, will not only create jobs during construction but also attract new businesses and encourage existing ones to expand. I will work to secure funding for critical infrastructure projects that can drive economic growth.

Foster innovation and entrepreneurship: By supporting initiatives that promote innovation and entrepreneurship, we can create new industries and job opportunities in our district. I will advocate for policies that encourage research and development, provide resources for startups, and create innovation hubs that attract talent and investment.

Leverage regional strengths: Each district has its unique strengths and industries. I will work to identify and capitalize on our district's competitive advantages, such as tourism, renewable energy, technology, or agriculture, and support policies that promote growth and job creation in these sectors.

By implementing these measures, I am confident that we can boost economic growth, create jobs, and build a prosperous future for our district's residents.

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